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Pisces~ Surrender to Transcendence

The Pisces grail is vast like the sea, an all-encompassing universal dance with divine order; and the chaotic disorder of crashing waves against a reality of uncertainty. What is next is hidden, unknown, and buried beneath the dark ocean waters. Ever faithful, Pisces flows with currents and tides along the journey to be re-born. This is the tale of lessons in surrendering to what is.

Pisces is the last impersonal sign of the zodiac, and third in the soulful water trilogy, embodied by two yoked fish swimming in a ring of duality. A lifetime of giving over the ego-identified self in service to humanity’s pains is the siren call toward Oneness. Ruled by other-worldly Neptune, personal attachments are blurred to draw one toward the heavenly realms of self-less service, a renunciation of Self to higher states of being for interconnectedness.

Archetypal guises of this emotionally malleable soul fill the spectrum: Artist, Priest, Actress, Psychic, Servant, Savior/Lost Soul, Dreamer, Lover. Highly sympathetic, receptive, and compassionate, the Pisces native’s depth of temperamental sensitivities may appear as gullible and subtly impressionable while bleeding hearts are wide open. Heeding the ever-present intuitive voice, boundaries are the sacred secret cure for unconscious self-sacrifice.

As the completion stage of the astrological journey of life winds toward actualization, Pisces takes the Aquarian lessons of idealistic service to social causes a step higher. On the precipice to jump into the vastness of Oneness, this life-long Servant subordinates the annihilated ego-self over to Spirit/God/The Great Unknown. This stage of evolution within the depths of cosmic musings washes one ashore newly whole for the next phase to birth a fiery Aries spark. And, so the wheel of life continues another great unfolding.

Pisces synthesizes impersonality as an instrument of peaceful loving-kindness.

How do you allow Spirit to create through you? Are you connected?

Is your imagination full of bounty? Is your story one of feeling lost at sea?

Are you elusive and hidden? Extravagantly known?

How are you being refined for greater strength? Who do you shore up?

Does your light shine for others as a lifeboat? 

Who helps you navigate rough seas?

List your teachers of Universal Love , Peace, & Wisdom:

Become the embodiment of an openly compassionate World Citizen.

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Aquarius~ The Reformation of Convention

With an electrically charged impulse toward reformation, Aquarius is the radical-minded sign of the zodiac known as the archetypal freedom-loving Rebel/Original. Intellectually unconventional in mental pursuits, this eccentric, friendly, and idealistic revolutionary aims to assist society in progressive realignment.

Ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener, Aquarius is catalyzed to free the individual from the mind’s ego-identity attachments and limited restraints of the past, tradition, and convention. Unorthodox and unpredictable, the Uranian change-agent models subordination of one’s individuality into group energies for social reform, innovation, and awakening.

On the astrological journey to self, previous sign Capricorn constructed earth-bound legacies in the name of conservation, established order, and stabilized structures for the masses. The Aquarian grail endeavors to serve the greater whole of humanity, but in the realm of sharing broad-minded concepts that enable the individual to impart intellectual genius into societal cooperation for higher idealistic completion.

Highly opinionated, Aquarians are naturally rebellious and contrarian with active imaginations to solve vast and universal dilemmas. At times seen as obstinate or as off-beat loners, these World Citizens call foul on the ‘out-dated’ to be replaced by the ‘state-of-the art’ to continually advance progress toward fulfillment of future oriented paradigms.

Aquarius fuses new thoughts into social and intellectual reforms.

Are you dogmatic? Do you allow other perspectives to enter your mindset?

Does detachment keep you safe from feeling the personal pain of other’s intellectual attachments or points of view?

How do you react to revolutionary acts and ideas? 

How do you cope with innovations that replace well-used processes?

Are you a well-connected loner in the world? Discontented loner in your own world?

How easily do you feel called to join a cause that pulls at your heart strings to make a difference?

Are you inclined to be just ‘one of many’ and join humanitarian pursuits to benefit all?

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Capricorn~ The Mastery of Well-Built Legacies

Capricorn is the archetypal Architect /Builder willed to construct a legacy according to time honored traditions and social ambitions that benefit the betterment of humanity. This serious, cautious, contemplative, and self-disciplined Earth sign is called toward a lifetime of determination, efficacy, and mastery; an endeavor to make a lasting mark upon the world.

Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, reigns supreme as the overlord of structures, limitations, bounds, and barriers that create established confines of order. Authoritative, with a great understanding of the heavy weight of responsibility, the wise Capricorn Sea-Goat methodically navigates great heights and depths to stabilize structures into form within the manifest world.

Third in the zodiac’s Earth sign trilogy, Capricorn’s legacy is an impersonal grail of production enterprises for all to admire. Whereas the astrological earth/material journey began with the potentiality of personal Taurus talents, then turned over to Virgo’s faceting the rough diamond, Capricorn’s know-how of tradition-minded dexterity crystalizes forms into perfection as well-built offerings.

Patience, self-restraint, conservation, and practicality rule Capricorn’s world of producing desire results in the laborious Game of Life. Attachment to status quo thinking produces nose-to-the-grindstone mentality that morphs into hardship, worrisome attitudes, self-criticism, frustration, and miserly denial of the self to enjoy the simpleness of livelihood.

Capricorn willingly bears the responsibility to manifest the principles of societal aspirations for unified order, integration, and fulfillment. Duty to the collective experience, first and foremost, outweighs any personal sense of inadequacy or inhibitions to embodiment of the sensible Authority within.

Capricorn fuses initiative and capability to address impediments to fruition of achievement.

How do you embody authority? Is it a force outside of you? A tyrant voice inside you?

What is your response to authority outside yourself? Do you conform or rebel against it?

Do you seek your own wise counsel?

Can you see that RESPONSIBILITY is the ability to respond?

How easily can you delegate duties to lighten your load? Empower others?

Is there a struggle for perfection? Is it possible that everything is perfectly imperfect?

Who do you admire as the GOAT= Greatest Of All Time?

What shines brightly in your garden of blooming manifestation?

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Sagittarius~ Liberation of Understanding

The limitless potentiality, visions, and aspirations of the fiery Sagittarius native’s freedom-loving identity propels a search for authentic truths within the collective this lifetime. This scholarly Sage exemplifies the archetypal Teacher, Traveller, and Philosopher with idealistic aims to understand holistic views of our incomprehensible interconnectedness.

Naturally restless, hopeful, and optimistic, Sagittarius enthusiastically journeys ever forward as a self-initiated leader in the charge to forge one’s destiny as an adventure seeker. Sag is the third sign in the fire trilogy, an impersonal grail seeking new dimensions of understanding outside personal reality.

On the astrological journey to self, previous water sign Scorpio committed to lessons of deep erotic/energetic/emotional entanglement with another. Fire sign Sagittarius is compelled to explore and experience life beyond one’s own little world, an inspired impulse to share the discovery of insightful knowledge of a vast world, and one’s place in it.

Awareness of ‘who we are’ collectively reveals an integrated expression and appreciation of societal beliefs, doctrines, cultural wisdoms, principles, and patterns of order for community fulfillment. Philosophical knowledge is the thoughtful expedition into humanity’s consciousness, a melding of recognition and commonality among world citizens.

Sagittarius, in its bold and honest quest, endeavors to reach forward; to not just think and know, but to understand. This amalgamation of experiences and deep reflection is Universal knowledge birthed from antiquity and realms of futuristic possibilities. Sag may arrogantly proselytize with excitement to move the pack ahead, but rightfully, it is an inspiring movement forward to reach unknown heights of connected understanding.

Sagittarius is the fusion of inspiration, adaptability, and bold willingness.

Do you recognize that your belief systems are rigid and unchanging?

Is it possible you may not know an answer and need facts or experience?

Are you open to seeing the world from a different perspective?

How do you navigate uncharted territory? Is it exciting? Scary?

How easy is it to spontaneously break out and reform your ways of being?

Are you faithful to your own spirit?

Written By:  Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Scorpio~ Life Force Regeneration

The depth of Scorpio’s soul-connected essence flows within this watery native as a force of nature, subtle but with great strength and power. Scorpio is the archetypal Phoenix or Snake embodying regenerative forces that burn off and eliminate all needed to transmute the dynamic forces of renewal emerging through the Self.

Lessons from previous air sign Libra were intellectually social in practicing the skillful negotiation of compromise to remain separately connected and autonomous. Scorpio naturally morphs into the next phase of the astrological self-actualization journey, and desires intimate emotional, energetic, and erotic intermingling. A complete annihilation of the defensive ego-protected self must be willingly and continuously birthed for regeneration to occur. 

Scorpio’s penetrating intensity propels one to probe and investigate dark murky waters within the psyche. This deep dive is a cave-like excavation into the shadowy underworld in search of buried secrets, inner demons, self-destructive tendencies, and hidden compulsions that undermine authenticity, passion, and right-use of power.

Light shined upon the shadow-self reveals a harsh and controlling nature within; a denial of core truths of a gentle vulnerable soul with great inner resolve. Uncovering the mystery of mastery potentials simultaneously exposes one’s rejection of innate sensitivities and illuminates an acute need for a safe-haven in which to experience a powerful metamorphosis of the death/rebirth process.

Scorpio merges regenerative power with controlled surrender to transform energy.

Does a self-inflated sense of false vibrato hide your deepest fear of vulnerability?

How easily do you walk into the metaphorical fire to burn off your ego-control trip?

Where in your body do you resist the natural process of elimination and feel pain? 

Do you desire to willingly surrender to the flow of mastery of your emotional body?

Can you allow those you love to transform without controlling the outcome?

Where do you immerse yourself with penetrating force or obsession?

What is your energy source? How does it guide you? 

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Libra~ The Fine Art of Negotiation

Libra is the archetypal Peacemaker of the zodiac in pursuit of unity, fairness, and justice in all forms of principled negotiations and equitable relationships. Skilled in diplomacy, Libra is adept in the power of persuasion to accommodate the dance of opposites that result in resolution of agreements and shared interests of all parties.

Along the astrological self-actualization journey, the previous Virgo lesson of self-effacing focus to better the self is challenged with Libra’s direct action for urgent personal unification of polarities. Demands to cooperate fused with the desire to weigh options, plus balance the pros & cons for mutual compromise, is the end game of success in this social and intellectual arena.

Principled, tactful, charming, and appropriate, this cerebral air sign conducts the self with the energy to draw together and integrate dualities into social order. Libra uses the art of harmonious consideration, creative appreciation, and affectionate understanding to bind connections personally and socially into a cohesive holistic point of view.

Libra fuses the initiative to network, conduct, and connect ideas and people.

Do you fear conflict and avoid confrontation to keep the peace? Hide your power?

How do you negotiate your needs, desires, hopes within a relationship? In your work or out in the world?

Are you afraid to lose a part of yourself, or your values, by compromising? 

Does your independence keep you in a place of always needing to be right?

Are you able to rise above conflict and see the bigger picture?

How do you model peaceful partnerships and consideration?

What are the attributes of a diplomatic peacemaker that you want to integrate within yourself?

Allow pure feeling to balance your natural ability to evaluate all forms of duality.

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Virgo~ Integration of Body, Mind, Soul

Earth bound Virgo embodies grounded efficiency in pursuit of integrating all aspects of the self this lifetime. An archetypal Apprentice/Teacher, Virgo constantly works to endeavor with great diligence in separating, condensing, and assimilating numerous best practices that aid healing the body, mind, and spirit.

In the cycle of the astrological journey to self actualization, Virgo’s down-to-earth, humble approach toward life is the antidote to Leo’s fiery courageous thrust outward to shine. Where Leo is self-confident in owning its prideful nature on stage, Virgo’s reserved nature is the next step on the path of dutiful humility: a self-effacing personality in service to its own betterment.

Reserved, pragmatic, and hyper-critical, Virgo uses a discerning and analytical mind to dissect information, structures, and functions to methodically improve upon them. Virgo’s detail-oriented temperament makes for a dexterous, shrewd, intelligent, and effective servant to any cause one commits to.

Virgo is adaptable grounded energy in service to integration.

What daily routine best supports your mind, body, spirit renewal?

Does perfectionism get in the way of creating spontaneously?

Are you conscious of the self-critical voice that keeps you stuck vs moving on?

Does a tendency to worry cause nervousness and sensations of body/mind distress?

What proven practices do you already have in your personal tool kit?

How can a plan of self-care empower your success?

Become the discipled servant to your masterful creation.

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Leo~ Generating Light

Leo’s warm-hearted generative light shines and reflects admirable qualities of essential vitality, self-expressive generosity, and strength of spirit. This archetypal Sun King, and ruler of the 5th house of creative functions, illuminates warm encouraging light outward as life-sustaining radiant love. 

From previous water sign Cancer’s need to protect family and home, the radiance of Leo is persistent in its desire to just be one’s self while generating support with loving passion and energetic enthusiasm. This is the next step along the astrological journey in discovering and actualizing the authentic self this lifetime. 

Fire is innately bold, honest, direct, and confident in searching for one’s true identity of purpose and place in the world. Significant, regal, and admired, Leo is ferociously confident in one’s own ability to impress the self onto center stage. Leo’s grail is endeavoring the path to be known as a self-assured leader; risking vulnerable open-heartedness in loving, being loved, and reveling in life’s joyful glory.

Leo is the sustained image of self-projected courageous identity~

Who am I in relation to you and what I give?

Is my need to be recognized a cover for false confidence?

Does a sense of entitlement rule my relationships? My world?

Am I willing to put myself out there without receiving anything back?

Does my arrogance and insecurity make me appear hard-hearted?

Is there more to give of myself? Who can that benefit?

Who are my heroes? What do they embody that I may need to embrace?

Shine the light of love with prideful enjoyment as your enterprising and masterful creative contribution!

Written by: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Cancer~ Nurturing Life

Initiating upon the need to build a nourishing environment for life to flourish, the Cancer Mother archetype erects protective structures of safety and sustenance for cherished loved ones to thrive in. The fourth sign in the astrological journey, Cancer embodies an internal parental commitment to care-taking; a cycle of unfolding from Gemini’s lessons on intellectual connectivity, to actively nurturing and caring for oneself and others.

Deeply empathetic and emotionally sensitive, watery Cancer natives ebb and flow between states of intuitive perception and unfounded worries. The primal need to keep safe beloved treasures: family, animals, creations, and home, propels these natural protectors to maintain a womb-like nest of familiarity offering comfort, relief, and nourishment in which to grow.

Cancer’s grail is deeply rooted in ancestral paradigms of homelands and familial relationships, with an unceasing need for a sense of belongingness. Lessons on nurturing the development of Self calls one to be personally fed, first and foremost: body, mind, and spirit.  The never-ending task of evolving into the maturity of responsible Selfhood gives one over naturally to be a lighted lifeboat for others in need.

Cancer is the Intuitive, Empathetic & Imaginative functions fused with Action~

Is there self-awareness that your thoughts color your emotions?

How can your imagination create positive feelings and ideas you want to plant?

Were you nurtured well in childhood? How do you nurture yourself now?

Are you able to meet your own needs and feel gratified emotionally? Physically?

Does your enterprising nature to create space for others include yourself?

What legacy do you want to leave for your creations? Your loved ones? The world?

Plant yourself in the grounding of your natural sensitivity, receptivity, and moody sentimentality to offer yourself as an example of loving-kindness in your tribe.

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Gemini~ Connectivity

The dual nature of Gemini represents connection with siblings, friends, companions, and cohorts that create an experience of community with the self this lifetime. The third sign in the astrological journey, Gemini yearns to connect the dots to a compatible personal likeness through enjoyment of Taurean values previously un-earthed in the cycle.

Gemini’s conductive energy as the ever-changing twin is the archetypal duality of personal identity fused with the opposing quest to find one’s other half. Eternally curious, Gemini asks the questions: who? what? why? – all in pursuit of  communicating the need to know, assimilate, and disseminate information.  

Restless and quick-witted, Gemini is propelled to move along quickly from ideas and thoughts, and then to inquisitive examinations of all that is, here and now, to see and learn about. Affectionately chatty, this adaptable and spontaneous native buzzes around like a bee spreading pollinating news to a company of flowers in need of correspondence.

Gemini’s agile mental fitness has a gift for gab, the ability to be flexible, open, and variety-seeking; to bring a quality of lightness of being in relationships coupling people, shared interests, and social environments. 

Gemini conducts intellectual pursuits with movement to transmit energetic connectivity~

Who are you and what are you here to teach me?

What can you teach me in relation to what you find valuable?

What can I learn about my self when I am not talking? 

I’m on my way, but am I open to seeing another direction?

Is there too much information and not enough settling into knowing?

Is it time to stop and just enjoy the moment? my company? myself?

Journeying along the path with like-minded friends, endeavor to conjoin exciting discoveries with the delight of differences + mutual understanding.

Written By: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor