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Scorpio/Pluto~ To Transmute

Ruled by Pluto ~Lord of the UnderWorld~ Scorpio desires to penetrate to the core of raw truths, honor self and others through deep watery emotional integrity, and investigate the vast chasms of one’s soul motivations and use of power. This catalytic metamorphosis is a descent into an internal darkness that alters the self.

Pluto, known as the archetypal Destroyer, heralds the coming of death, destruction, and re-birth on all levels. Just as the Phoenix burns and transmutes all that must die, a surrender to this inevitable resurrection process transforms control of the willful ego-identity and misuse of power.

This descent of the Soul is a war waged within that revolutionizes the Shadow of the egocentric self image. Scorpio’s innate ability as a sensitive healer can assist in the powerful elimination of all impediments to the flow of purifying energies, allowing the natural strength of vulnerability to emerge as a psychological cure. 

Refusal to accept this inevitable de-construction can create internal battles that incite resistance or pain, and block the truth of the potential for higher states of awareness and conscious action. To experience the breakthrough, one must submit oneself over to the driving force of a necessary breakdown.

Fragmented pieces of the shattered Self morph and re-integrate during these cyclical ego-deaths, and new paradigms emerge. The quest becomes an alignment with universal energy; a surrender of willful control to acquire the authentic authority for execution of ‘right use of action’ in all endeavors. 

Pluto’s lessons are vast: yield in place of force, obliterate the insignificant ego-self to allow one’s Light-being to shine, and courageously embrace the inescapable death that comes for us all.

Written By: Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Libra/Venus~ To Connect

The yearly shift into Libra heralds the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere, where the light of day and dark of night are equal. The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice that signify equanimity in relating and balancing all forms of connection: intimately, socially, and worldly.

Ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love, Libra embodies consideration and equanimity; a desire to come together in respectful, tactful, and principled mutuality in all relationships. The grail is to know the Self through the mirror the Other provides, using the inherent gift of foresight to acquiesce for the sake of fairness, contentment, and accommodation.

Known as the archetypal Partner, Networker, and Diplomat, this sensual and graceful beauty’s peace-loving qualities of harmony, cooperation, diplomacy, and creative compromise are of the utmost importance to initiate networks that sustain connections.

Goddess Venus imparts the wisdom to hold dear one’s most prized treasures: delight in the sharing of simple pleasures, loving affection through intimate bonds of warm-hearted interconnection, and high regard for awe inspiring wondrous beauty, artist creation, and  natural wonders. Splendor to behold is the all-encompassing love mirroring inner gems of gracious sensuality intertwined with devotion to share the bounty of life’s abundant riches.

Written by Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Venus~ The Quest to Love & Create

Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky, after the Moon, which  is the most glowing nighttime Luminary. Never venturing far from the Sun, Venus is the closest planet to Earth, calling our attention to what we love and appreciate here in the material plane of existence.

Venus is associated with feminine principles and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Pleasure. Using Psychological Astrology, this yin quality is seen archetypically (in men & women) as the Lover, Seductress, Prostitute, as well as the Artist, Poet and Muse. The function of Venus is appreciating all that is most valuable: giving and receiving love, enjoying the simple pleasures of life/beauty, and forging fulfilling intimate bonds. 

Like the Moon, Venus desires closeness and mirroring, but in a more unfettered state of cooperation and mutual give and take. Where the Moon unconsciously grasps to satiate security needs, Venus seeks to love for the sake of loving without a hoped for reward. Where the Moon needs “Mother-Fusion” to rescue/protect one from the big scary world, Venus wants to discover what is naturally reflected in the love given and received out in the world. From this perspective, a true sense of self-esteem/worthiness is solidified for healthy bonding in all forms of relating, including socially. 

The negative characteristics of Venus initially operate unconsciously until  alignment with the Hero’s quest toward actualizing one’s Sun (wholeness) is brought to consciousness.  These Venusian archetypes typically act out (Who will love me?!) in a childish manner as jealousy, vanity, shallowness, conceit, indulgence, materialism, narcissism, and manipulation to gain wealth and adoration. From this dark place one is perpetually Un-Lovable, Un-Attractive, and Un-Able to see Life as bestowing upon Oneself the pure Grace of Love.

As Venus attunes toward conscious alignment to serve the Sun’s Purpose (to shine), Balance and Equilibrium are restored. Co-Dependence drops away and Venus naturally extends into shared Co-Independence: connecting, engaging, appreciating, enjoying, giving and attracting Love, Peace and Harmony.  Venus now proclaims- Who & What Will I Love?!

Written By Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Virgo/Mercury~ To Integrate

Virgo is the archetypal Servant/ Apprentice who takes pleasure in all that can be produced, gathered, and harvested in preparation for distribution. Heralding the waning weeks of Summer, the Virgo cycle is on-going: digest, assimilate, and disseminate what has been collected for refinement and charity.

Mercury, the wing-footed Messenger of the Crossroads, rules this modest earth sign with an analytical mind of pure logic to methodically address all concerns to create order in life. Known as a perfectionist, practical Virgo employs acute understanding to evaluate, revamp, and utilize all that is necessary for efficient use of energy and resources.

As the communicator of the radiant Sun, Mercury is the voice of the personal mind and transmits through perception, analysis, and reason. This satellite planet bridges worlds and mediates through all forms of intelligent exchange.

Virgo’s use of facts, details, discrimination, and discernment bring a conscientious approach to tackle the significant concerns of daily work, routine,  and commitments.

Naturally helpful, this ‘worker-bee’ mentality can be overly critical with an eye to fix imperfections through myopic vision, over-specialization, and a sense of indentured servitude to never-ending projects.

Integration of the mind, body, and spirit are vitally important, with a focus on self-preservation, wellness, and service. Humility fused with conscious restraint helps craft, shape, and facet gems worthy of devotion.The Virgo grail of authentic apprenticeship embodies the absolute dedication of synthesis on all levels: an unwavering commitment to sharing the arts of self development, healing, and altruistic service to honorable endeavors.

Written by: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Leo/Sun~ To Shine

Leo is the archetypal King/Queen of the zodiac admired and known as a lionhearted, regally dignified, and charismatic leader. This naturally intuitive fiery sign radiates courageous self-expression and impassioned boldness that demands special attention.

The Sun is our brightest luminary in the solar system, sustaining and supporting all life on Earth with its brilliant light and heat. Symbolically, the Sun (Sol) illuminates our way, bringing consciousness to our sense of self and destiny. 

The Sun rules dramatic Leo and our heart~ the great fire within~ and shines through as warm-hearted generous loving-kindness. As the radiant Sun shines through the heroic Leo, its true destiny is brought to light. Leo innocently delights in the simple pleasures of life and love, and seeks to discover the Self reflected through the mirror of individual identity in all relationships.

Through trial by fire, the King/Queen naturally emanates its light as a self-assured, brave, confident, and outspoken ruler with an enigmatic flair to be out front on center stage. Leo’s brave-heart is adored as the benevolent torchbearer with authentic authority who serves the kingdom with a loving open heart.

Written by Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Cancer/Moon~ To Thrive

Cancer is the archetypal Mother/Nurturer that nourishes life, home and family. Ruled by the Moon and its reflective state of instinctual responsiveness, this maternal devotion is sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and patient. A true labor of love, this ancestral offering of loyal tending fosters and protects life from seed-planting to blooming.

From the perspective of our astrological solar identity ~Sun~,  the nearest luminary is the Moon. Within all its phases of waxing and waning, giving light then receding into darkness, it is symbolic of the inner emotional and instinctive life of our unconscious adaptations. Like the tides, the Moon affects us in subtle ways: we move and respond, but are not aware of the fluid organic patterns that run our inner reality. 

The Moon and its archetypes are associated with the feminine aspects of the self: the Child and Mother inside us all. The lunar function represent our conditioned responses to life in a body: our basic imprint at birth, our instinctive nature to survive and thrive, our biological inheritance within our family/tribe, and the memories, feelings, and emotions that drive us to stay safe and comfortable.

These habituated aspects of the ego-identified self reveal our story: how we learned to relate in our primary connection with our maternal archetype and all subsequent intimate relationships. Our innate trust, or lack of trust, of others and life set up belief systems and coping mechanisms to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Do we see life as a wonder-filled adventure or a chaotic place filled with hurt and disappointment? Can we trust that our needs will be met with love or with neglect? How do we learn to nurture or self-soothe? Do we deny and punish ourselves? Do we expect others to meet all of our needs and make us feel secure in the world? How can we grow, mature, and choose to endeavor the unknown path of the Hero’s Journey?   

Deep inquiry is required as life’s disillusionments curtail futile attempts at living in the status quo. To live authentically one must journey the hard road of discovering how immature behaviors can keep one dependent and stuck in familiar roles. This new found paradigm of self-nurturing promotes an internal emotional strength and fortitude to openly meet life with feet planted in a secure foundation to thrive.

Written by Corey Gilbert, Astrological Counselor/Mentor

The Art & Application of Psychological Astrology

Astrology is an ancient system of symbolic language that can be utilized as a tool for self-awareness. One can begin to see the self and others through the framework of cosmic ordered patterns with the planets and signs as archetypal representatives.  

We can apply these patterns, symbols, and archetypes to our own lives, observe them as images that exist within, or outside the self; and discover our relationship to the unconscious, and eventually to the larger collective consciousness.

 In Psychological Astrology, basic ordered patterns of wholeness are the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water; and the related orientations of intuition, sensation, mental, and emotional functions. These also include the yin and yang, polarities and mirrors, the objective and subjective, the known and unknown, the Light and the Shadow; as well as the primal, inter-relational, and impersonal aspects of the self and others. 

Self-awareness comes through examination of unconscious reactive habits and reactions to early childhood conditioning that formed the ego-identified personality. These conditioned factors set up initial beliefs about ourself and life, and whether we felt free and creative, or victimized and at the effect of life.

Once we identify, dismantle, and challenge the unconscious ego drives, one can attempt to uncover and reveal the true essence and divine potentials within. This quest becomes the inner search for the Holy Grail; the Hero’s Journey from the dark unknown to the liberation of finding our inner gold.

Integration unfolds as the unconscious becomes conscious, the separate and distinct parts of the self merge, and a fated outlook is replaced by the power of one’s own destiny to create. This inner evolution demands the hard work of constant self-inquiry, willingness to confront our own self as the enemy or an ally, opening wounds long forgotten for regeneration, healing compassion for self and others, and a commitment to walk the never-ending arduous road toward Authentic Being.

Written by Corey Gilbert, Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Gemini/Mercury~ To Relate

Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, curiously asking, learning, and sharing in the pursuit of finding its other half. The grail of this archetypal Twin propels Gemini on a personal quest of delighting in never-ending gathering and disseminating of information; discovering all that is interesting in the immediate world, while enjoying new acquaintances and companions along the way.

Mercury, a wing-footed quicksilver courier, rules this adaptable and social sign that buzzes with clever wit and humor, nervous restlessness, and friendly inquisitiveness to create connections.

As the planet closest to the Sun, Mercury serves as a satellite to our Sun/Spirit, and is known as the Great Communicator of the Gods. Mercury is the voice and transmitter of the personal mind and uses all forms of communication: perception, analysis, reason, and exchange through thinking, talking, sharing, and writing.

Gemini’s grail is to know and ask the question: Why? In the eagerness of this initial inquiry, the primary development of the self begins. This journey of assimilation into one’s immediate society opens new paths to conceptual forms of relationship: a constant endeavor to share information, interaction with new-found acquaintances and companions, and discovery of all that appears interesting in one’s ever-expanding daily community.

 Written By: Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Taurus/Venus~ To Love

Each year during the Sun’s transit through the constellation of Taurus, our Earth Day celebrations remind us to respect, preserve, and stabilize our most extraordinary and widely-shared resource: Planet Earth. 

Taurus is the archetypal Bull, fertile and strong with grounded presence in the ‘here-and-now’ reality.  This Venus ruled sign covets enjoyment, comfort, and life lived well in a body indulged in the five senses.

Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon, the most glowing nighttime luminary. Never far from the Sun, Venus is the planet nearest Earth, and calls our attention toward what we love and appreciate in our material plane of existence. 

The Venusian grail is admiration for all that is most personally valuable: delight in the moment and life’s simple pleasures, the stunning beauty of artist creations and natural wonders, and loving affection through intimate bonds of warm-hearted connection.

Goddess-Venus imparts the wisdom to hold dear one’s most personal treasures: positive embodiment of self-esteem and worthiness as our most prized intimate gold. Self Love mirrors inner gems faceted like a diamond to embolden a light of gracious sensuality, a devotion to share the bounty of life’s abundant riches.

Written By Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Aries/Mars~ The Quest

Aries initiates as the first sign of the zodiac, and is associated with springtime, seed-planting, and new growth potential. This Mars ruled fire sign thrusts forward into life with impulsive action and heroic daring in search of self and life’s meaning.  Symbolized as the Ram, Aries forges “head on” into life in search of inspired authentic identity.

In its raw primal form Aries innocently demands to be first in all endeavors, and leads the charge with willful self-focused impatience. The Warrior God-Mars governs this quest to claim life, and one’s place in it, as new territory to be championed. Many journeys over time forge a passionate noble hero: a brave, honorable, courageous, and committed crusader on the never-ending path.

‘Right Action’ is the eternal mission of this Mars Warrior. Deliberate conscious action is used to slay the inner dragons of complacency and suffering, and confront the tyrannical ego-identified voices that undermine spontaneous will to act with meaningful concern. Self-command fuses with Spirit and reveals the Aries Grail: to liberate and protect those in need of representation, moving through the chaos of life with a compassionate heart, while embodying the light-being of a Peaceful Warrior.

Written By Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor