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Capricorn/Saturn~ The Destiny of Manifestation

Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat, an embodiment of steady confidence climbing toward ambitions while navigating tough terrain to reach desired destinations. Actualizing goals in the face of difficulties, Capricorn is eternally serious and pragmatic, overcoming challenges to ascend to great heights with tenacity of patience, persistence and self-discipline.

Making successful strides in everyday life, Capricorn is the archetypal Authority, Parent, Teacher, and Architect utilizing knowledge of time, history, maturity, age, respect, and reputation to build and secure legacies. Commitment, dedication, effort, and sacrifice forge a character of wise authentic mastery and accomplishment.

Honoring the value of hard work, Capricorn manifests with a sense of control, caution, and reserve to shoulder responsibilities that solidify foundational structures for the betterment of the collective. The inheritance of familial, parental, and ancestral responsibilities are all-encompassing obligations, a daunting feeling of fatefully restrictive moral imperatives that can harden and depress ones outlook on life.

Saturn (Kronos) is the Gate Keeper, the overlord of our mortal incarnation, and threshold between restrictive and creative ability of manifestation in the here-and-now reality including our envisioned futures. Bound by conservation, tradition, doubt, and limitation, Saturn delays gratification of rewards for the sake of preserving time-honored establishments that support the greater whole.

As the Task Master of Fate, Saturn’s manifesto is to sustain pressures to purposefully challenge immature dependencies and see clearly that authentic authority is not just outside the self, but also within.  Embracing this innate wisdom of mature commitment, and ownership of the management of duties, debts, and covenants, is the rightful delegation of responsibilities that unburdens and shifts the insurmountable into the tangible.

The Capricorn/Saturn grail is mastery in a shared inter-connected paradigm~ a lightening of one’s personal burdens while willingly enduring the struggle of growth that leads to fruition for the greater good. The lessons of the Master Builder’s destiny are vast: unburden and release the Self from strictly adhering to society’s rules of conservative engagement, and with a guiding and empowering hand, delegating and building an innovative structure of a co-created framework that sustains us all in the Web-of-Life.

Written By Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Sagittarius/Jupiter~ Exploration of Limitless Possibilities

Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planetary force, exemplifies the search for new horizons that magnify aspirations, opportunities, and possibilities; an exploration that creates vast bridges out into our expansive Universe to broaden perspectives, understanding, and wider connections.

Explorer Jupiter rules fiery Sagittarius, the archetypal Teacher, Philosopher, Sage in pursuit of meaning of ‘who we are’ in the larger scope of life. This enthusiastic leader demands to experience first-hand the journey into the infinite world through examination of historical knowledge, religions, and ancient wisdoms that reveal humanity’s collective ideals, philosophy, truths, and dogma.

Confident in opinion, Sagittarius aspires to know the self through discovery and study of individual and collective beliefs that connect us. Once unbound by the fate of the persona’s identification with our old stories, one can aim toward boundless territories and new visions of what life could be outside of tribal doctrines and history.

Jupiter’s lessons of diversification calls Sagittarius to be a World Citizen within a just and inclusive society. This eternal journey forward is a purposeful self-actualization movement guided by a new order of meaning, growth, and success for all.

Sag’s quest is a noble odyssey rich with prospects for self-awareness, deep understanding of humanity, and the collective’s identity within the whole of life.  The heart-centered generosity of this benevolent spirit perpetually traverses uncharted territories to shine a light on the unfoldment of our interconnectedness in a world of full of limitless promise.

Written by Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Scorpio/Pluto~ The Alchemy of Surrender

Scorpio desires penetration of core truths through deep emotional investigation of the vast chasms within, to mine down into one’s soul motivations, intensity dynamics, and willful use of power, control, and domination.  Metamorphosis is catalyzed through an internal dark descent to transform, and bring to light, psychological and physical consciousness of energetic potencies.

Ruler Pluto is the archetypal Destroyer/Dark Angel, heralding the coming of death, destruction, elimination, and resurrection of all that must die and be transformed. This evolutionary surrender to cyclical ego-deaths is required for regeneration of the Shadow’s egocentric self,  a transmutation that allows powerful paradigm shifts to emerge.

Scorpio’s skill as a sensitive healer aid in eliminating impediments to the flow of purifying energies, and gives way to the emerging natural strength of vulnerability as the antidote to willful self-inflation and grandiosity. Just as the snake transmutes and sheds its skin, Scorpio willingly submits to the driving force of an inevitable breakdown, and gives way to experience an essential breakthrough transformation.

Obstruction of Pluto’s reconstruction process creates battles that ignite resistance to potential for higher states of being that lead to conscientious actions and awarenesses. Submission to the universal rebirth within the psyche and soma alchemizes the ego’s willful attachments, and sheds light on unconscious victim personas, defensive self-protection, and dis-empowerment of one’s mastery.

The Scorpio grail is the continual morphing into alignment with authentic life-force energy, a forsaking of willful control as to naturally acquire genuine authority in execution of ‘right use’ of commanding actions in all endeavors. Pluto’s lessons are vast: yield in place of force, obliterate the insignificant ego-self to allow one’s undefended strengths to shine, while courageously embracing the inescapable death that comes for us all.

Written By: Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Libra/Venus~ The Art of Compromise

The archetypal symbol for Libra is the scales of Justice representing balance and equanimity in all forms of relationship and principled mutuality. Recognized as the graceful peace-loving Diplomat and Networker, Libra embodies qualities of compatibility, cooperation, and tactful creative compromise to initiate connections, associations, and networks.  

Goddess of Love~ Venus~ is the natural ruler of Libra desiring closeness, consideration, and respectful partnership to come together in an unfettered state of mutual offering. Venus imparts deep lessons of appreciation for what is most valuable in relating: giving and receiving appreciation/love, enjoying the simple pleasures/beauty of life, and forging mutually fulfilling associations/collaborations. 

Libra’s grail is to know the Self through the mirror that these allies, friends, colleagues, and partners provide. Always composed and accommodating, Libra has the foresight to acquiesce in light of fairness, understanding, and contentment to achieve satisfaction of common agendas: individually, socially, and collectively.

Libra strikes a balance with the aim to accommodate, embrace, and foster fellowship and camaraderie, while sharing the bounty of life’s riches with a gracious and grateful spirit. Delight in this Venusian offering is a splendor to behold as an all-encompassing adoration mirroring inner gems of sacrifice, devotion, and honor in the name of peace and harmony for all.

Written by Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Virgo/Mercury~ To Synthesize

Virgo heralds the final days of Summer’s harvest, where all that has been produced is gathered in preparation for the coming of Fall. Known as the archetypal Virgin, this committed helper takes pleasure in the separation of the “wheat from the chaff” to make useful all that has been collected.

Virgo also exemplifies the energy of the archetypal Apprentice, one who embodies a loyalty to service and craftsmanship this lifetime.  Betterment of the self, health and wellbeing, and commitment to the integration of mind, body, spirit are vitally important.

Mercury, the wing-footed Messenger, rules this modest earth sign with an analytical mind of pure logic. This quick-witted planet of communication is the satellite voice of the personal mind. Mercury’s practical offering of perception, analysis, and reason bridges worlds to mediate exchanges through intelligent distribution of information.

Known to be perfectionistic and self-effacing, Virgo employs a humble conscientious approach to significant concerns with acute ability to evaluate, revamp, and utilize all that is necessary for efficient use of energy and resources. Using facts, details, discrimination, and discernment, this “worker-bee” methodically addresses all concerns to create order in life with work, routines, health, exercise, duties, and obligations.

The Virgo/Mercury grail is the absolute dedication to synthesis on all levels: an unwavering commitment to share the art of self-development and healing, dutiful proficiency of skills, talents, and expertise, along with altruistic service in all endeavors. The amalgamation of humility and devotion shapes and facets inner gems worthy of admiration and reveals authentic apprenticeship of integration and honorable service of great respect.

Written by: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Leo/Sun~ To Shine

Leo is the archetypal Lion/King of the zodiac, admired as a noble charismatic leader commanding special attention. Emboldened with a brave and generous heart, Leo’s fiery nature embodies impassioned creativity and intuitive self-expression that shines a bright light with dramatic flair. 

The Sun, our solar system’s most brilliant and dominant luminary, rules dramatic Leo and the heart, our great fire within. This primal solar radiance promotes all life and vitalizes warm-hearted loving through the spirit and body. Symbolically, this gleaming light ~ Sun/Sol~ illuminates life’s paths bringing a sense of conscious awareness to the search for identity’s destiny. 

Leo innocently delights in the simple pleasures of life and love, naturally leading as the outspoken ruler within relationships, families, and intimate group bonds. Courageous and self-assured, this lively visionary extends warm and open-hearted invitations to join playful celebrations.

Leo’s grail is to seek and discover the Self using a reflected awareness of personal identity, mirrored through one-on-one connections . The Sun’s radiance enlightens the stage for this heroic Brave-Heart, as destiny to love large is brought to full light for all to witness. Regally dignified, the benevolent torchbearer loves with a vulnerable open heart, admired by all.

Written by Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Cancer/Moon~ To Thrive

Cancer is the archetypal Mother/Nurturer that nourishes and protects life and all its creations: home/hearth/garden/animals, children, family, and ancestral inheritances. This feminine water sign is intuitive, sensitive, instinctively devoted, and patiently responsive to the emotional and physical needs of all that one nurtures and cherishes.

The Moon, Cancer’s ruler, is the planetary influence closes to Earth which affects our daily dance with tides, plant growth, and moods.  Within all its phases of waxing and waning, giving light then receding into darkness, the Moon is symbolic of the inner emotional and instinctual life of our unconscious adaptations.

Like the tides, the Moon influences us in subtle ways: we move and respond but are not aware of the fluid organic patterns that run our inner reality. This constant ebb and flow represents a call and response to life in a body: our basic imprint at birth, the natural impulse to survive, and our biological, familial, and tribal inheritances fused with memories, emotions, and primal urges to assimilate and flourish.

The Cancerian grail provides maternal nourishment for the deep need to have a solid sense of security in which to grow. A true labor of love, this guiding hand of ancestral offerings gives over loyal tending that fosters and safeguards life to cultivate creations pregnant with beauty and possibility. This sweet and tender birthright morphs into a self-nurturing Care-Giver within. This natural maturity promotes the emotional strength to fortify the vulnerability to meet life head-on with feet planted in a secure foundation to thrive.

Written by Corey Gilbert, Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Gemini/Mercury~ To Seek & Know

Gemini is the archetypal Twin in search of its other half. This eternal hunt is a discovery of newfound information, associations, and connections with playmates, siblings, friends, sidekicks, and partners. Like the timeless child Peter Pan, Gemini flits about the environment to find answers to the question~ WHY?

This light, airy, and detached sign is also known as the social butterfly of the zodiac. Like a bee buzzing from flower to flower, Gemini searches for data to connect dots, share gathered details and news, and make sense of, and to ultimately understand, one’s community and place within it.

Ruler Mercury, the Quicksilver Messenger of Communication, is the satellite of our intelligence contribution. The commerce exchange and ability to socialize, correspond, disseminate, and connect with others comes through the use of language, logic, reason, ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and words.

Trickster energy is emblematic of Mercury’s mental agility and swift flight of motion that uses lightning quick wit, humor, mimicry, jokes, gossip and cunning quips, all to deflect in a verbal playground. Heightened sensitivity to mental and physical energies stimulates Gemini’s anxiousness, and an over-drive game of hide & seek that can burn out one’s momentum, spiraling into boredom, irritation, distraction, and nervous restlessness.  

The lessons of the endless grail to find one’s other half are revealed as Gemini settles into the delight of perpetual participation in the School of Life. This inevitable landing grounds the knowledge of realization that the constant development of the self, and integration of mirror images found in the other, is the answer. ~ In finding me, I found myself! ~

Written By Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor & Mentor

Taurus/Venus~ To Enjoy

Each year during the Sun’s transit through the constellation of fixed earth sign Taurus, our Earth Day celebrations remind us to respect, stabilize, and preserve our most widely shared resource: Planet Earth~ in all its magnificent glory.

Taurus, known as the archetypal Bull, is steadfast to protect what is “mine” and all of life’s most prized possessions: our body, personal resources and one-on-one relationships, along with the solace of nature’s quiet peacefulness.

Taurus brings a solid and grounded presence to the here-and-now experience of life lived through the five senses. This Venus ruled sign covets luxurious coziness, and a life lived well, while hungry to procure pleasurable self-indulgences of fine food, comforts, and assets that provide pure enjoyment.

As Taurus blooms in maturity, one has the responsibility to achieve, and hold dear one’s most un-earthly treasures: a positive embodiment of self-esteem and sense of universal worthiness, regard for the little things life has to offer, and a stark appreciation for basic resources that mirror one’s own personal inner fortunes.  

The Venusian grail reflects this admiration for all that is most valuable and delightful as well:  moments of simple pleasures, the stunning beauty of artist creative expression and awe-inspiring worldly wonders, and love shared in affectionate and intimate warm-hearted bonds.

Goddess-Venus imparts the impersonal love wisdom lessons of one’s eternal inner gold: conscious self-love reflects inner diamonds faceted to embolden a light of graciousness, the devotion to share the bounty of life’s abundant riches, and a heart-filled open hand extended in Harmony, Peace & Love for all.

Written By Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Aries/Mars~ The Quest

Aries initiates springtime, seed-planting, and new growth potential to thrust forward in life with daring and heroic action in search of the authentic Self. In raw primal form, Aries innocently demands to be first in all endeavors, and leads the charge with willful self-focused impatience. Symbolized by the Ram, Aries forges head first into all endeavors as the archetypal Fool, Fighter, & Champion.

Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, this archetypal Warrior, Crusader, and Dragon Slayer governs the quest to claim life, and one’s place in it, along with new territory to be explored. Endless journeys over time forge a passionate noble hero: brave, honorable, courageous, and committed.

The psychology of our own internal Mars archetype is the masculine principle of assertiveness, willfulness, impulsiveness, and potency. Our ability to initiate, execute, and thrust our energy into life to make our mark represents our personal will. Deliberate self-centered action and drive toward desired goals satisfy our need for single-pointed determination, completion, and success.

Right action is the eternal mission of the honest Warrior, a call to align personal willingness to serve a higher purpose. Individual willful power is sacrificed to create a just world using the skill of active patience.

Conscious action slays the tyrannical shadow forces of abuse of power and suffering that undermine spontaneous acts of meaningful concern on behalf of others. Righteous self-command fuses with loyalty to truth that reveals the Aries Grail: to liberate and protect those in need of representation, moving through the chaos of life with a compassionate open heart, while embodying the light-being of a Peaceful Warrior.

Written By Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor