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Taurus/Venus~ To Love

Each year during the Sun’s transit through the constellation of Taurus, our Earth Day celebrations remind us to respect, preserve, and stabilize our most extraordinary and widely-shared resource: Planet Earth. 

Taurus is the archetypal Bull, fertile and strong with grounded presence in the ‘here-and-now’ reality.  This Venus ruled sign covets enjoyment, comfort, and life lived well in a body indulged in the five senses.

Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon, the most glowing nighttime luminary. Never far from the Sun, Venus is the planet nearest Earth, and calls our attention toward what we love and appreciate in our material plane of existence. 

The Venusian grail is admiration for all that is most personally valuable: delight in the moment and life’s simple pleasures, the stunning beauty of artist creations and natural wonders, and loving affection through intimate bonds of warm-hearted connection.

Goddess-Venus imparts the wisdom to hold dear one’s most personal treasures: positive embodiment of self-esteem and worthiness as our most prized intimate gold. Self Love mirrors inner gems faceted like a diamond to embolden a light of gracious sensuality, a devotion to share the bounty of life’s abundant riches.

Written By Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor


Aries/Mars~ The Quest

Aries initiates as the first sign of the zodiac, and is associated with springtime, seed-planting, and new growth potential. This Mars ruled fire sign thrusts forward into life with impulsive action and heroic daring in search of self and life’s meaning.  Symbolized as the Ram, Aries forges “head on” into life in search of inspired authentic identity.

In its raw primal form Aries innocently demands to be first in all endeavors, and leads the charge with willful self-focused impatience. The Warrior God-Mars governs this quest to claim life, and one’s place in it, as new territory to be championed. Many journeys over time forge a passionate noble hero: a brave, honorable, courageous, and committed crusader on the never-ending path.

‘Right Action’ is the eternal mission of this Mars Warrior. Deliberate conscious action is used to slay the inner dragons of complacency and suffering, and confront the tyrannical ego-identified voices that undermine spontaneous will to act with meaningful concern. Self-command fuses with Spirit and reveals the Aries Grail: to liberate and protect those in need of representation, moving through the chaos of life with a compassionate heart, while embodying the light-being of a Peaceful Warrior.

Written By Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon

Deep water Pisces represents the Ocean-of-Oneness that calls us all to surrender our Soul to the divine. The Pisces grail is the final stage of evolution of the Self to transcend ego-identity barriers, and allows our divine nature to merge with the greater flow toward spiritual union in service to the collective.

The archetypes of multi-dimensional and creative Pisces chameleons are many:  Mystic, Poet, Actor, Savior, Patient. The siren call to tend to human suffering in a world of chaos leads one to a life of sacrifice. 

Plunged under the weight of life’s harsh realities, Pisces can slip away into the enslavement of addiction, sickness, or disillusionment. Navigation of these rough seas without faith and clear direction leaves one adrift with a sense of victimization and the need to escape personal and existential pain, loss, or confusion.

The essential nature of this transpersonal water sign is compassionate sensitivity and sympathetic receptivity, with a pulse on the needs of humanity’s worldly communal experience. With spirit as the ultimate guide, and feet planted in the here-and-now world, selfless service becomes the ultimate devotion for the mystical Pisces Lover, and pulls one toward surrender to sacred labors of Love.

In contrast, earthly Virgo rules all that can be produced, gathered, and harvested in preparation for distribution. Known as the archetypal Maiden, Servant, Apprentice, this committed worker takes pleasure in the separation of the “wheat from the chaff” to make useful all that as been collected for refinement and charity.

Integration of mind, body and spirit are of the utmost importance to this earthbound sign with a personal focus on health and self preservation. The internal cycle is endless: digest, assimilate, and disseminate, with a keen eye to evaluate, fix, and best utilize all that is necessary for efficient use of energy and resources. 

Modest and noble, Virgo is naturally reserved and serves all causes with practical helpfulness. Too much focus of a critical eye makes for a skeptical perfectionist with tunnel vision, over-specialization, and constant worry. Over-work without clear boundaries morphs into an experience of indentured servitude, persistent drudgery, and completion delays.

Humility fused with gentle restraint helps to craft, shape, and facet gems worthy of assignment and devotion in personal and mundane obligations. Virgo’s grail of authentic apprenticeship embodies the dedication of synthesis on all levels: a life of integration and commitment, in service to self-healing and worldly endeavors.

Written by: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~Aquarius Sun/Leo Moon

The fixed air sign Aquarius is the unconventional Humanitarian and Rebel of the zodiac that can be seen as eccentric, cerebral, and aloof, with a mind for originality, radical invention, ingenuity, and progressive ideas. 

Also known to be a contrarian, Aquarians can take their objective detached nature to extremes and reject the establishment, oppose popular opinions for the sake of rebellion, fixate on dogmatic views, and engage in endless debates.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, rules Aquarius and shocks one awake with lightning-quick downloads of individualistic expression, revolutionary innovation, and disruptive change for unorthodox solutions. This tactic broadens personal reason and opens one to catalyze change through communal connections and development of problem solving for the benefit of mass society. 

This universal grail calls the individual toward impersonal ambitions for the betterment of mankind as a means to identify and connect as each other’s keepers; and joins us all as brothers-in-arms to serve within the collective consciousness as World Citizens.

In contrast, fiery Leo the Lion, naturally ruled by the Sun, is a luminous force. Ruler of the heart (our great fire within) Leo desires to be the energy source, the center of attention; to shine and see its own light displayed through warm-hearted and generous loving-kindness. The fire grail is to seek and know the Self through a reflected sense of being an individual while interconnected along life’s journey.

This archetypal King/Queen shines brightly as a proud, self-assured, brave, confident, and outspoken adventurer with an enigmatic dramatic flair for being center stage. There is an innocent delight in the simple pleasures of life and love, tempered with a playful child-like sense of wonder, and enjoyment of newfound treasures. 

As the Sun illuminates the star-seed within, Leo’s destiny shines forth, and burns off any personal sense of ego-gratification or specialness to allow a naturally bold and charismatic leader to emerge. Centered and aligned, the vulnerable Hero becomes individually authentic, regally benevolent and dignified, with a commitment to meet life with an open courageous heart.

Written by Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~Capricorn Sun/Cancer Moon

Capricorn, the archetypal Master Builder, makes strides in our larger world for the betterment of society and preservation of historical truths. This Saturn ruled sign dominates the earth plane with a steady sense of self-control, serious attention to responsibilities, along with deep honor for traditions that command respect for accomplishments well done.

The Capricorn grail is mastery in all endeavors to establish a permanent legacy as an authentic authority. Lessons include re-definition of strict adherence to society’s rules of engagement, delegation of appropriate duties to empower self and others, and materialization in the world that bring structure and stabilization to our shared collective inter-dependence in the Web-of-Life.

In contrast, Cancer is the archetypal Mother who protects family, home, and all creations that sustain and nurture our everyday life.  Ruled by the Moon, this water sign reflects the instinctive responses to emotional and physical needs that foster a sense of security in our personal world where we are rooted and must thrive.

Over time maturation naturally occurs and the Merciful Mother within encourages independence with the ability to self-nurture, to experience internal emotional strength and fortitude, and a willingness to meet life in openness with feet planted in a secure foundation to blossom and shine.

Written by Corey Gilbert- Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~ Sag Sun/Gemini Moon

Fiery Sagittarius searches for deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ in the vastness of life, and one’s place in our world at large. This archetypal Sage, Teacher, Explorer has a voracious appetite for exploration and demands first-hand experiences of collective wisdoms and universal truths. 

Ruled by Jupiter, this exuberant philosopher aspires toward self-actualization with the enthusiastic desire to ‘know the self” as a world citizen. This purpose-filled journey examines personal, collective, and universal belief systems with the aim to broaden perspectives, comprehend authentic collective identity, and share humanity’s universal heart-centered knowledge.

In contrast, Gemini is a social butterfly, curiously flitting about to personally connect, gather, and share on the path to find the self’s other half. Ruled by Mercury, the wing-footed quicksilver messenger of communication, this archetypal Twin, Sibling, Friend, buzzes with clever wit, humor, nervous restlessness, and friendly inquisitiveness in pursuit of companionship.

Gemini’s grail is to know and ask the question- why? In the spirit of this initial inquiry, the primary development of the self begins. This journey of assimilation into one’s immediate society opens new paths to conceptual forms of relationship:  a constant endeavor to share information, interaction with new-found acquaintances, brothers/sisters & companions, and discovery of all that appears interesting in one’s ever-expanding community.

Written by: Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon

Ruled by Pluto, Lord of the UnderWorld, Scorpio desires to penetrate core emotional truths, merge on Soul depths with self and others, and investigate the psyche on all levels. This powerful transmutation is the descent into the internal darkness that transforms the shadow, and the light, of our authentic Self.

Refusal to accept the inevitable de-construction of the old self creates a battle within incited by resistance, resentment, or pain. Scorpio’s innate ability as a sensitive healer can assist in the powerful elimination of all impediments to the flow of purifying energies. This opening allows the natural strength of vulnerability to emerge as the psychological cure. 

Fragmented pieces of the re-birthed Self are integrated during these cyclical ego-deaths and new paradigms emerge: alignment with universal power,  surrender of willful control, and acquisition of authentic authority of an honorable Self.

In contrast, Taurus the Bull brings a solid and grounded presence to the here-and-now experience of life through the senses. Goddess of Love, Venus, rules this possession obsessed sign that hungers to procure pleasurable luxuries to provide comfort and enjoyment in a mundane earthly existence.

Steadfast to protect one’s most prized worldly possessions, the Bull running wild, or plodding aimlessly along, morphs into imbalanced self-gratification, possessiveness, and stubborn adherence to the rut of methodical acquisition. Peace-loving Venus reminds us to hold dear one’s most un-earthly treasures: positive embodiment of self-esteem and worthiness, a conscientious state of valuing self and others equally, and the deep appreciation for all the little things life has to offer. 

Written By: Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~Libra Sun/Aries Moon

Libra heralds the Fall Equinox, rules the seventh house and is opposite Aries (ruler of the first house and the Spring Equinox).  Both Libra and Aries are cardinal signs executing with action and initiative. Exploring these polar opposites can bring understanding and awareness to the lessons each has to share.

Goddess of Love Venus rules Libra with a mirror-like reflection of her peace-loving qualities: harmony, consideration, cooperation, creative agreement, and graceful appreciation. The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice signifying equanimity in relating: balancing and harmonizing all forms of reciprocal connection on intimate, social, and diplomatic levels.

Aries is the instinctual thrust into life to be autonomous, and in opposition Libra sends an invitation to meet and compromise. Where Aries is impulsive, impatient, self-centered, and courageously heroic, Libra is appropriate, reticent, composed and accommodating.

Ruled by Mars, Aries the Warrior can be seen as selfish, arrogant, childish, bossy, forceful, combative, blunt, and inconsiderate. Libra wants mutuality, consideration, and equality, and desires a coming together of respectful, tactful and principled give-and-take in all relationships. Aries, needing to be first, is personally impatient and does not consider others in its actions.

As Aries matures, the self is given over to more noble missions on the spiritual journey, along with a life-long pursuit to discover authentic personal identity. Libra’s grail is to know the self through the mirror ‘the other’ provides, using the inherent gift of foresight to acquiesce for the sake of fairness, mutual contentment, and achievement of shared ideas and desires.

Written by Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Jupiter~ The Bridge to Vast Territories

The planet Jupiter is a brilliant luminary in our solar system, a massive giant about 317 times the size of the earth. Associated with the myth of Zeus, this generous God of Light, also known as the Great Benefic, is visible to the naked eye each night, along with the Moon and Venus, illuminating greater visions of a future not yet known. 

In Psychological Astrology, Jupiter is the archetypal Explorer, Traveler, Gambler, Philosopher, Guide, and Teacher of Wisdom through experience. Jupiter creates a bridge that leads one out of personal identification with our story and psychic inheritance (Moon), in search of new horizons: hope for a better future and what we can become, broadening perspective and understanding, and magnifying growth opportunities/possibilities. No longer bound by fate, we reach with enthusiasm toward uncharted territories, a new vision of what Life could be, all in search of philosophical ideals/beliefs outside of tribal doctrine (This is all there is!).

As the Hero journeys from the Collective Unconscious to Self-Conscious (Holy Grail), Jupiter’s expression of expansion morphs from being a Miser: exaggerated sense of self importance, wasting opportunities, stinginess (in thoughts and actions), dogmatic adherence to beliefs, and moral self-righteousness, into a Benevolent Giver. An attitude of generosity now reigns: honoring of self and others, exploring the world at large for depth of understanding, sharing of wisdom and knowledge, and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

Eternally hopeful and pregnant with possibilities, Jupiter joins the Hero’s mission to seize opportunities for growth, to continually expand self-awareness, and bring one’s Light into the world for all to see (Sun). This eternal purpose is a constant development (inner & outer) to move toward a more inclusive Whole, an experience of a meaningful Life guided by a generosity of Spirit.  In service to the Sun’s destiny, all aligned forces (planets & archetypes) ensures for the collective that worldly aspirations and principles are guided toward manifestation (with Saturn’s mastery) and built with an inclusive moral compass: a New Order of growth and success for All.

Written by Corey Gilbert-Astrological Counselor/Mentor

Full Moon Balance~ Virgo Sun/Pisces Moon

Virgo is the zodiac’s mutable Earth sign ruling the last days of Summer, heralding the harvest of all that has been produced and gathered in preparation for the coming of Fall. Known as the archetypal Maiden, this committed Servant takes pleasure in separating the “wheat from the chaff” to make useful all that as been collected for distribution.

Mercury, Messenger of the personal mind, rules Virgo/6th house, bringing the analytical mind of pure logic to methodically address all concerns to create order in life. Use of facts, details, and discrimination bring a conscientious approach to tackle the significant concerns of daily work, routine, health, exercise, and duties.

Integration of mind, body and spirit are of the utmost importance to this earthbound sign. The internal cycle is constant and on-going: digest, assimilate, and disseminate while using a keen eye to evaluate, fix, and best utilize all that is necessary for efficient use of energy and resources.

Virgo in its naturally shy state serves the cause with modest and practical helpfulness. Too much focus of a critical eye can be skeptical and perfectionistic with tunnel vision toward over-specialization in areas. Service without boundaries and self-care morphs into a feeling of indentured servitude,  constantly laboring with no end in sight. 

Humility with restraint help to craft, shape and facet the gems worthy of labor. The  authentic Apprentice synthesizes integration of selflessness balanced with self healing.

 In contrast, the deep water sign Pisces represents the Ocean-of-Oneness that calls us all to surrender our Soul to the divine. This 12th house Pisces grail is the final stage of evolution of the Self to transcend ego-identity barriers. Allowing our divine nature to merge with the greater flow toward spiritual union is our service to the collective.

The archetypes of multi-faceted and creative Pisces chameleons are many:  Mystic, Poet, Actor, Savior, Patient. The siren call to tend to humanity’s suffering in a world of chaos leads one to a life of sacrifice and devotion. Navigating rough seas without faith and clear direction can leave one feeling victimized, lost, or forsaken.

Too much empathy without strong boundaries sweeps Pisces up into vast waves of uncertainty, becoming impressionable, gullible, and dependent with a vague sense of hopeless direction. Plunged under the weight of life’s harsh realities, Pisces can feel the need to escape this state of suffering and confusion, morphing into victimhood, addiction, enslavement, and sickness.

The essential nature of this emotional water sign is compassion fused with deep sensitivity/psychic abilities and sympathetic receptivity.  The Pisces Dreamer is highly imaginative with a pulse on the needs of humanity in our worldly communal experience. Not forsaking the Self, and living in the here-and-now world, is the ultimate act of service for the Pisces Lover. With Spirit as the guide, the path of giving oneself over to pure acts of devotion is an all encompassing sacred labor of Love.

Written by: Corey Gilbert~ Astrological Counselor/Mentor